Making Your Business Card a Slam Dunk for Connections in 2017

Is your business card ready for modern networking? Update and refresh your business card design with these top tips!

Pick a design that will appeal to your audience. Business cards are an opportunity to market yourself. When choosing your design elements, be mindful of your industry and your target audience. For example, a woodworker might choose a color scheme reminiscent of wood or bark. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to strengthen the association people make between you and your trade.

Choose high-quality materials. This is not the time to be cheap. Choose sturdy, high-quality card paper that feels good to hold.Read more

How AI Is Changing the Tech Landscape and How Users Can Benefit From It

Almost everything you do online is helped along by machine learning. Artificial intelligence or AI is simply the next level of this technology that will enrich human lives in ways we are only now just beginning to explore. So far, AI’s biggest strides have been made in the tech world, but soon, its impact will benefit other realms too.

How AI Flipped the Script on the Tech Industry

At the dawn of modern computing, and for some time afterward, successful programming hinged on our ability as humans to instruct computers on what we wanted them to do. We developed programming languages as a way to communicate our needs to these machines.… Read more

5 New Apps for Connecting to Keep an Eye Out For

Major social networks like Facebook and Twitter have ruled the way we connect with each other online for a long time. Sooner or later these platforms are bound to be usurped by the next new hot apps in social media.

Here are five new apps for connecting that you should consider joining.

Uptime – It was initially launched as an invite-only platform, but Uptime is now open to the public. With Uptime you can share and react to YouTube videos with your friends. The idea here is to eliminate having to share YouTube videos by sending links. Instead, you can share them with Uptime and you can post comments and reactions with emojis for your friends to see.… Read more

I’m a Small Business! How Do I Create Beautiful Social Content for Little or No Money?

Making beautiful content for social media does not have to cost you. Here are a few platforms and services that make creating stunning, web-worthy content on a budget totally doable:

QuotesCover – Graphics featuring quotes are hugely popular on social media. They are very shareable and great for reeling in the ‘likes.’ QuotesCover is a versatile platform that allows you to create your own quotes graphics with beautiful background pictures and stylish fonts for your text. QuotesCover is very social media-friendly and gives users the power to create images that are the right size for each network. This service is free to use.… Read more

How 5 Tech Giants Found a Way to Stand Out From the Crowd as Startups

Not every startup is destined to succeed. What separates the best from the crowd is often a bit of luck and smart tactics that boost their popularity right out of the gate. The following tech giants started out just like everybody else, but each tapped into something that helped them achieve superstar status.

Tinder – Since its inception in 2012, Tinder has achieved worldwide success to the tune of about 50 million users total and 10 million daily users. Right from the beginning, Tinder was off to a strong start. The founders initially unleashed the app on the student body of the University of Southern California.… Read more

4 Celebrities Who Have a Big Social Media Game

Being a celebrity on social media isn’t as easy as you might think. Celebrities have to tend to their followers and branding just like everyone else, they just have a bit of a head start. The biggest challenge for big name talent is cultivating a social media presence that remains on brand.

Here are four celebrities who have absolutely nailed the social media game.

Chrissy Teigen

Her claim to fame may have been modeling, but Chrissy’s superpower is Twitter takedowns. She’s highly active on the platform and has completely mastered the art of crafting witty observations and comebacks in 140 characters or less.… Read more

The Evolution of Marketing

Gone are the days of one-on-one meetings and hawking your wares on street corners. Today, it is all about your online profile. Marketing and how we advertise has change a lot over human history, but in a lot of ways it has stayed the same.

So, how did we get here?

The Trade Era – During this period, everything was made or grown by human hands. Say, you were a shepherd with a 20 sheep. You could trade the wool and meat, or the sheep themselves for money or something else you needed, but you only had those 20 sheep to work with.… Read more

How Many People Are Using Mobile Devices in 2017?

How are you reading this right now? On your laptop? Desktop computer? No, probably not. It’s more than likely that you are reading this on your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile devices have steadily taken over the way we interact with the world. In 2017 alone, the number of users of mobile devices is expected to reach 4.77 billion across the globe.

Whiling Away the Hours on our Phones

According to Flurry Analytics, mobile device users in the U.S. are up to 5 hours per day spent on their smartphones and tablets. If you’re thinking that is a lot of time out of your day, you would be right, but it is also not that surprising if you consider the popularity of apps, particularly social media apps.… Read more

10 of the Most Popular Apps in 2017 So Far

It feels like 2017 is just flying by, doesn’t it? June is just around the corner which means that we are quickly approaching the halfway point of 2017. New apps are being released each day, but which apps have earned the top spot so far this year? Here are 10 of the most popular apps gracing people’s smartphones in 2017:

  1. Overcast – If, like most citizens of 2017, you are looking for your next great podcast binge, you should definitely add Overcast to your mobile devices. It’s free and gives users access to a huge stash of popular podcasts. Right now, it is available for Apple devices.
Read more

Five Organizational Apps to Help You Get Your Life Together

Sometimes life can get too busy to handle, but thankfully, there are apps that can help with just that!

From sophisticated personal assistants to tools that basically automate your life, the following apps can boost your productivity and streamline your schedule, so that you have more time to do the things you really want to do.



24me is a free-to-download app that acts as a personal assistant. You can use it to connect your personal accounts like your banking, social networks, utility services, internet service provider, phone services, and so forth. The app then sets up notifications and to-do lists in your calendar so that you never miss paying a bill or important notices from service providers.… Read more