4 Celebrities Who Have a Big Social Media Game

Being a celebrity on social media isn’t as easy as you might think. Celebrities have to tend to their followers and branding just like everyone else, they just have a bit of a head start. The biggest challenge for big name talent is cultivating a social media presence that remains on brand.

Here are four celebrities who have absolutely nailed the social media game.

Chrissy Teigen

Her claim to fame may have been modeling, but Chrissy’s superpower is Twitter takedowns. She’s highly active on the platform and has completely mastered the art of crafting witty observations and comebacks in 140 characters or less.

  • Personality – Social media is a place where Chrissy unapologetically puts her personality on display. It makes her personable and easy to love.
  • Posts on Trending Topics – Her Twitter feed is a haven of funny quips about current events and trending topics.
  • A Mix of Vids and Pics – Posting a healthy mix of videos, text, and pictures keeps her followers from getting bored with her content. She also mixes up the topics sharing everything from fun videos of her friends and family to clips from Lip Sync Battle.
  • Addressing the Hate – Twitter, in particular, is a place where critics like to target her, but she isn’t one to stay silent. Chrissy is often in the news for the witty ways she deals with the hate thrown her way.
  • Cross-Posting for Exposure – While she tends to post different content on each platform, she also cross-posts content from platforms like Snapchat on her Twitter to give those accounts exposure to a larger audience.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq has always been a sports icon, but social media has helped expand his reach, propelling him further into the pop culture landscape. He treats his fan base well and frequently encourages his followers to partake in challenges, both sponsored and not.

  • Niche Posts – Shaq has a lot of basketball fans and sports fans in general. He caters to these followers by sharing his thoughts on games, teams and important events in the basketball world.
  • Rewards and Challenges – Shaq frequently shares challenges and contests with his followers. They often have cash rewards and prizes up for grabs. Many of them are tied to basketball in some way, so they appeal to this target demographic. This type of content encourages his followers to keep checking his page and to engage with the content that’s there.

Ellen DeGeneres

With tens of millions of followers across all of her profiles, Ellen clearly has this social media thing figured out. Unlike other big names with huge followings, she is not just using her social platforms as a promotion tool, she is using them as another way to connect with her audience by sharing awesome content that reflects what people expect to see when they tune into her show.

  • Stays on Brand – Ellen gives her fans exactly what they want. Cute videos and pictures featuring baby humans and baby animals frequently populate her pages.
  • Shout Outs to Celebrities – Many-a-celebrity has been interviewed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Naturally, clips and pictures of these guests are shared on her social pages. She also shares and celebrates birthday wishes, award wins and other landmark moments in her famous friends’ lives. And, of course, these posts always tag the celebrity.
  • Highly Active – Ellen’s accounts typically have around 3-7 posts per day ranging from fun, non-promotional content to entertaining clips from her show.


Drake has millions of followers on every platform he is on, but he barely posts on most of those accounts. So how does he do it? Unlike most celebrities, Drake has a wide range of accounts, but he does not devote the same amount of attention to each platform and instead uses each for a specific purpose.

  • Divide and Conquer – While platforms like Spotify, MySpace and YouTube are mostly used to leverage music, his Twitter and Facebook profiles are focused on his clothing line and showing off the artwork for new singles and albums.
  • Consistent Aesthetic – Instagram is where Drake really dedicates his efforts. Scrolling through the entire page, you will see his photos have a consistent style and retro feel to them. The man knows how to work a filter.
  • Short Captions – Drake seems to have an aversion to text boxes. He hardly includes any information in them except a word or two and maybe an emoji. His cryptic captions frequently compel followers to leave comments and engage heavily with his posts, especially if a famous friend makes a cameo.

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Did you learn something from these celebrity social media pros? Share your favorite tips in the comments!

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