Why Spectrums?

No more multiple profile names and handles. With Spectrums, your (SID) will be your one and only digital ID. Our approach is simple, Numbers are unique and globally accepted. Your (SID) will be recognizable anywhere and is unique to you and only you.



  • Full integration with the world's largest social networks for seamless experience.
  • Search for both names and SIDs.
  • QR code scanner for other SIDs and simple connecting with one another.
  • Inbox for messaging, notifications, file sharing, and content between users.
  • Directory of brands and individuals are just a click away.
  • Sync with contacts to show you your mobile contacts that are currently on Spectrums.
  • Ability to add custom links to your spectrum of networks.
  • Privacy Settings for total control of your privacy on the Networks added.
  • Ability to purchase premium or desired SIDs.